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colon cleansing and biofilm

I consider the health of the colon and intestinal tract a priority.

“The digestive system does more than just digest, it also forms a large part of the body’s immune and detoxification system.  If the digestive system doesn’t work properly there are major consequences for the functioning of the rest of the body and it is therefore given a high priority.”

A first step is the cleansing of the colon, I have researched this over decades and a proper cleanse isn’t the simplest thing to do.

In these articles and videos you will learn some of the results of my research.

– Marion Schaatsbergen

How do I maintain my clean colon?

How can you maintain your clean colon after a cleanse? Unfortunately, biofilm always has a tendency to grow back. This is the normal course of events in nature. It is therefore good to look at what...

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What to do about leaky gut syndrome

Leaky gut syndrome has major consequences for all systems throughout the body. Knowing what causes it and how it works can be a good step towards improved health. Our intestines are lined internally...

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