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In my book, I refer to a number of products that I consider most appropriate, including the colon cleanse cure. This cure can completely cleanse the intestinal system and has been a great success internationally. On this page you can read more about my recommended products and where to order them.

The colon cleansing treatment

I spent years searching for a solution to the toxic biofilm problem by experimenting with different formulas. After much research, I finally found a gentle but also effective way to cleanse the colon and remove the entire biofilm. I found a formula that could be incorporated into a ColonCleanse cure. This ColonCleanse has now helped more than 120,000 people.

My formula includes fermented, dried and powderised palm oil bark from sustainable sources. Together with other vital ingredients, we created water-soluble shakes that gently penetrate the biofilm without destroying it. Once the solution has settled into the toxic biofilm, it begins to re-moisturize the intestinal wall, causing the biofilm to loosen and simply slip out without affecting the person. In the USA and Canada, you can order a colon cleansing cure with my formula from the provider below.

Vitamunda has already helped more than 120,000 people through the ColonCleanse cure since 2016. This is a colon cleansing cure which is based on my formula with the bark of the oil palm tree and okra powder.

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Once your gut walls have recovered a bit, that’s the ideal time to improve your gut flora. By gut flora, we mean the good bacteria we all have in our intestines. If there are too few bacteria, or too many bad bacteria in the gut, all sorts of health problems can result. Think of a malfunctioning immune system, low vitamin production, allergies, rheumatism and even obesity. Quite a few products exist to replenish the benign gut bacteria, called probiotics. “Pro” means “for,” and “bios” means “life. Click the button below to navigate to my favorite probiotics.