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My name is Marion Schaatsbergen and I have over 40 years of experience as a naturopathic therapist. For most of my career, I have focused on keeping the intestinal tract in good condition because I believe it is one of the keys to good health. I regularly write articles about digestive health and other health-related topics. You can read my articles on this website. I hope you learn something new and wish you happy reading!


Over the past forty years, I have tried various colon cleansing methods, including colon hydrotherapy and natural supplements. As a certified therapist, I have performed thousands of intestinal flushes using colon hydrotherapy. From these years of experience, I have come to the conclusion that colon hydrotherapy only cleans the large intestine, and that supplements are necessary in order to clean the rest of the intestinal tract. However, most of these supplements have drawbacks; for example, they may contain abrasive ingredients such as bentonite or psyllium fiber, or diarrhea-inducing ingredients such as oxygen or magnesium.


As I studied the development of natural health, one of the things which interested me deeply was the increasing proof of the existence of a toxic mucus layer in the human intestinal system created by harmful bacteria. This mucus layer is generally referred to as the biofilm in the literature.

In the human intestinal tract, the biofilm seems to constitute an entire colony in which many bacteria as well as viruses, parasites and fungi can hide. It also causes the intestinal wall to become dehydrated and inflamed to a greater or lesser degree. This is Leaky Gut Syndrome.

Development and Propagation of The Biofilm

My research

I spent many years to find a solution to the toxic biofilm problem by experimenting with different formulas. After lots of research in the form of trial and error, my efforts were starting to pay off! I finally found a way to cleanse the colon that would be gentle but also effective at getting rid of the entire biofilm.

This is a formula based around fiber from oil palm tree bark which is fermented, dried and powdered. Using this fiber, we made a series of drinks which gently penetrate the biofilm without destroying it. Once the solution takes effect, it starts to re-moisten the intestinal wall, which causes the toxic biofilm to loosen up, and simply slip out without any discomfort to the person. In some cases, the biofilm passes out as a whole, which can be an interesting surprise!

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