Spend some time looking it up on the internet and we can soon be inundated with all the different types of cleaning treatments. Some are effective, others less so. It is not easy for a layman in this field to know when to do which type of cleaning and in which order. The Nutrikennis Foundation makes every effort to provide articles with advice to fill this gap.

Clean large and small intestine with an effective product
The most important cleansing treatment you can do is a treatment which efficiently cleans the intestinal system. However, most colon cleansing treatments contain ingredients that have an abrasive effect on the colon. This is obviously not optimum for an intestine which is usually irritated and inflamed in the vast majority of people. Fortunately,it is still possible to find a product which does not contain any abrasive ingredients and cleans not only the colon but also the small intestine. In addition, this is product also removes the so-called biofilm from the intestinal tract. The biofilm is a toxic layer of mucus formed by harmful bacteria. Unless this mucus layer is removed, colon cleansing is incomplete. You can read more about the biofilm and which ingredients you need to tackle it other articles on these pages.

Repair the intestinal wall after removal of the biofilm
After an effective intestinal cleansing treatment in which the toxic mucus layer (biofilm) has been removed from the intestinal system, the intestinal wall must be repaired. It is recommended to do this with a product containing Humic Acid. This repair is necessary because in places where the biofilm was against the intestinal wall, the intestinal wall can be dried out or even inflamed. After this, it is advisable to do a liver cleansing treatment after four weeks according to the Andreas Moritz method. This liver cleanse ensures that all the contamination that is in the liver and gallbladder comes out naturally. This allows the liver to regenerate itself and the gallbladder to free itself from contaminants. If this is not done, the contamination can cause gallstones to form.

Liver cleansing for improvement of liver function
A liver cleanse is very important because only a clean liver can produce enough bile fluid. We need bile fluid to digest the fats in our food and for the intestines to function properly. A healthy human’s liver produces up to 1 liter of bile fluid per day. The average person often produces no more than one cup. Without sufficient bile fluid in the intestines one can get severe constipation complaints. If the cause is not resolved, the person will continue to suffer from it throughout his life. In addition, doing a liver cleanse prevents many other diseases and ailments. The liver is one of the most important organs in the body. After doing a number of liver cleanses, the production of the bile fluid fully resumes and digestion starts to optimize.

In case of gallstones, do a liver cleansing first
Normally, one ideally does a colon cleansing treatment first, but this does not work for a small percentage of people. This group of people has already developed gallstones without knowing it. As soon as these people start taking a bowel cleansing treatment based on the fermented fiber of an oil palm tree, they may start to vomit and get a strong headache. This is partly because the body does not have to digest food during the colon cleanse treatment. This motivates the body to get rid of the gallstones. This in itself is a good sign, but it is very annoying for the person in question. It is then better to stop the colon cleansing treatment at that time. Eat normally again for a few days and then start with Andreas Moritz’s liver cleansing treatment.

An average person needs 20 liverĀ cleanses
After two liver cleanses, the colon cleansing cycle can be completed. It is important to get rid of the biofilm in the intestines, which is something that the liver cleansing treatment does not do. On average, a human needs about 20 of those liver cleanses to get rid of all contaminants in the liver and gallbladder. Such cleaning can be done every 2 or 3 months. Once the 20 cleanings have been done, a repeat treatment twice a year will suffice. This ensures that the liver actually remains free of contaminants.

Periodic anti-parasite treatment is a good idea.
If the intestine has been cleaned, an anti-parasite treatment can also be followed if desired. There are a number of excellent products available for this purpose, particularly those based on Dr. Hulda Clark’s herbal formula. This cure consists of a number of types of herbs that must be taken at the same time for a certain period. It is recommended to do this once a year in order to stay free of harmful parasites that can cause illness and disease.

So it does not matter if you do different cleansing together, the body will love that it is cleaned of all kinds of blockages in the intestines, liver and other organs. The basic rule here is first an intestinal cleansing and then the liver and parasite treatment, but in case of (hidden) gallstones first the liver cleansing.