The sun can be strong in the summer and even on cooler days its radiation has an ageing effect on our skin. On the other hand, we need the sun’s rays so that our bodies can produce vital Vitamin D. Clearly it’s healthy to get at least some amount of sun, but how?

In recent years there has been a lot of discussion about the harmful side of sunbathing: prolonged sunbathing without properly protecting the skin can cause skin cancer. That is definitely something to be careful of, but curiously, research has also shown that skin cancer frequently occurs in places where people have never been burned.

100% natural sunscreen
Burning is easy to prevent by using good sunscreen and taking supplements that counteract the harmful effects of the sun. 100% natural sunscreen is preferable to applying the chemical sun filters that most sunscreens contain. Bear that in mind and you can enjoy the sun and the good properties it has for your body.

Alright, so avoiding the sun is not necessary if you use the right products to absorb damage that the sun can cause to the skin. In that regard, one product most people do not immediately consider is Vitamin C. Vitamin C is best known for its effect on the immune system, which is completely true. However, it has a much broader effect on the body, from strengthening the immune system, to detoxifying heavy metals and preventing gallstones. 

Vitamin C contributes to the production of collagen.
One of the most important functions of vitamin C is to support the connective tissue. Collagen is the substance that the body produces to keep the skin and supporting tissues – such as connective tissue – firm and elastic. The body can only produce collagen if enough vitamin C is present. Moreover, the muscles and the walls of the blood vessels need vitamin C to function. In keeping the skin healthy, vitamin C is needed primarily for the production of collagen, but the muscles in the face and the blood vessels that provide the skin with oxygen and nutrients are also dependent on vitamin C.

Then there is one more effect vitamin C has on the skin which is not often considered. It protects the skin against the radiation of the sun.

In conclusion, go out and enjoy the sun, but enjoy it responsibly by protecting your skin. You do that by using a good, natural sunscreen and taking vitamin C.