More and more people seem to be having problems with their sleep nowadays. Some have trouble falling asleep and others wake up in the night or very early in the morning and cannot get back to sleep. This can result in a greatly reduced quality of life, leading many to ask their doctor for a prescription for sleep medication.

Sleep medication
In their desperation to get a reasonable amount of sleep, it is understandable why many people take a pill. There are, however, alternatives. 
In addition to the enormous side effects of taking sleep medication, it also leaves substances in your body which can reduce your mental capacity. Over time, the medication makes one feel increasingly drowsy and one’s daily functioning ability deteriorates. In other words, the precise thing happens that you were trying to avoid.

Energy and organs
Let’s look at some of the alternatives. The human body lives on a 24-hour cycle, which is essential for the proper management of its energy. Our bodies have a sophisticated system of energy flow. We eat food that is converted into energy. This energy is then evenly distributed over all our organs  along energy channels, the so-called meridians. The Chinese discovered this system more than 3000 years ago and work with these meridians in acupuncture by inserting needles to better regulate the energy.

Organ clock
There is a different way that we can use this knowledge to help function better or sleep better. The body rotates its attention to each energy channel for 2 hours, and the organ that receives this energy is the most active for that period. This occurs precisely at the same time each day. We can show this in an “organ clock”, a table showing the times at which each organ is active:

1-3 am
3-5 am
5-7 am
7-9 am
9-11 am
11 am-1 pm
1-3 pm
3-5 pm
5-7 pm
7-9 pm
9-11 pm
11 pm -1 am
Large Intestine
Pancreas / Spleen
Small Intestine
Blood Circulation
Gall Bladder












So, if you cannot fall asleep between 11pm and 1am, you might suspect that your gallbladder is not functioning properly. Those who wake between 1 and 3 am may be doing that because of their liver, and so on.

Cleaning organs
If you look at the organ that is most active when you are awake, that is the one which may need more support. It is striking that all these organs are involved in digestion in one way or another.  Therefore a proper cleaning of the intestine will improve their functioning and improve your sleep. For liver and gallbladder, which are indeed involved in digestion, there is a specific cleaning procedure.

In summary, improving the functioning of the relevant organ can greatly improve how you sleep.