When we go on holiday, our nutrition can deviate quite a bit from what we are used to, and often not in a positive way. If we’re camping, we end up making ┬ásimple dishes such as stews and pasta. It’s tasty, but can be lacking in vegetables. Eating out or having barbecues is no better. Nor is that stay-at-home vacation when you relax a bit but spend less time cooking.

None of this is a big problem and luckily it can be easily fixed.

Take a quality supplement
For all the above reasons, a supplement such as a multi-vitamin or mineral supplement is highly recommended during the holidays. Do, however, make sure that the supplement is of the highest quality.

A standard supplement is absorbed at a very low rate and most of it goes to waste. Newer types of supplements known as “liposomals”, by contrast, get absorbed at a rate of more than 95%, a massive difference.┬áSo what does liposomal mean? It means that the vitamin particles are packaged in a fat globule that transports that vitamin directly to the center of the cell. It certainly gives a far bigger bang for the buck: much more of the active ingredients actually go to work for you.

A healthy start during your holiday
In summary, it’s a very good idea to start taking a high quality supplement during the holidays. It will support your entire body and take care of any deficiencies. You can even continue after you return home and so start yourself on the way to a healthier and fitter life.