Let’s admit it, when we are on holiday we may well drink more alcohol than we normally would. A nice drink is the perfect thing when we’re sitting on the beach! So is sitting outside with a delicious cocktail, a cool beer or a fruity glass of wine. It’s part of the holiday experience and we can enjoy it without consequence. As long as we don’t overdo it.

Alcohol in our body is broken down by the liver. While we are taking a vacation, our liver may well be doing the opposite and working overtime! The problem is that our body usually doesn’t have enough of the ┬áraw materials the liver needs to detox all this alcohol. That’s where we can do something to help things along.

In these circumstances it’s important to take a good multivitamin and mineral supplement, in particular one with enough of the B vitamins. This will ensure that the liver has enough of the basics it needs to neutralize alcohol. Besides that there are other substances which specifically help with alcohol detoxification. Glutathione is the most effective of those.

To a greater or lesser degree, you will always get a hangover when you drink alcohol. It’s not due to the alcohol itself, but due to the acetaldehyde which is created as a by product. Acetaldehyde is harmful to the body. Glutathione, made by our body itself will detox the acetaldehyde by binding to it and neutralizing it.

Choose a quality supplement
Because of our modern lifestyle, most adults have already consumed their store of glutathione. We can no longer produce enough of it ourselves. Worse, taking glutathione as a normal supplement does not make much sense, because it gets absorbed very poorly. That’s why you need the liposomal version. “Liposomal” is a form where a substance, in this case glutathione, is packaged in a kind of fat globule which transports it directly to the cells. The result is that the glutathione is properly absorbed and your body can simply get on with breaking down the alcohol. You won’t suffer so much and it will help you to avoid feeling hungover.

Of course please don’t see this as a license to fill yourself with drinks! It’s important to handle alcohol responsibly at all times, but if you’re going to enjoy it anyway, support your body by properly detoxifying it.