Enzymes are substances we are familiar with from activities like washing clothes, but they also play a vital role in our digestion. Among the many different types of enzymes at work in our intestinal system are enzymes that digest fats and others which affect carbohydrates and proteins.

Correct temperature is important
It is very important that the body has the right internal temperature for these enzymes to work properly. Enzymes are very specialized, only working on the one specific substance they are designed to digest.

They are also dependent on the correct temperature in our body. The human body works best at a temperature of 37 degrees Celsius (98.6 degrees Fahrenheit) and if that temperature deviates by even 1 degree either way, the enzymes have a very hard time doing their job.

Consequences of the wrong temperature
It’s common to enjoy a nice cold drink before or during meals, but it’s a major problem for our digestion. As soon as you drink a large glass of beer, water or soda, your stomach cools down from the inside┬áby a few degrees. That is where the problem starts for the enzymes, which can no longer work at their optimum. They cannot digest food properly, because they cannot work at temperatures which are too low for them.

The food then remains in the intestine too long, where it rots and ferments. That then promotes the growth of bad bacteria and fungi and has a devastating effect on the intestinal environment. Taking probiotic supplements on top of that just isn’t enough to fix it.

So, if you want to improve your digestion, do a colon detox first. When that’s finished begin a course of probiotic supplements and try to get by with few or no cold drinks. Cold foods such as ice cream, by the way, are also disastrous for our digestion.

Body temperature
In Chinese nutrition, taking hot soups before eating is normal. It’s a great idea if you allow the soup to cool down to an edible temperature and enjoy it before your main meal. Even when you want water during the day, drinking it at body temperature is recommended. And it’s absolutely perfect to drink herbal tea when it’s at body temperature.

Positive effects
For some people the above recommendations may require some adjustment in their daily lifestyle. However, once you notice that your digestion is working better with less gas and cramps and enormously improved bowel movements, you’ll be glad you tried it!